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(formerly) castellanus.


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  • Castellon-de-la-plana

    a seaport in E Spain. noun a port in E Spain. Pop: 160 714 (2003 est)

  • Castellum

    a small isolated fortress, or one of a series of such fortresses, of the ancient Romans. Historical Examples This castellum is a miniature embodiment of Roman taste and skill in architecture. The Actress in High Life Sue Petigru Bowen It was then a question which word should prevail,—tour (turris), or chastel (castellum). The Story of […]

  • Castelnuovo-Tedesco

    Mario [mah-ryaw] /ˈmɑ ryɔ/ (Show IPA), 1895–1968, U.S. composer, born in Italy.

  • Castelo Branco

    Humberto de Alencar [oon-ber-too di ah-len-kahr] /ũˈbɛr tʊ dɪ ɑ lɛ̃ˈkɑr/ (Show IPA), 1900–67, Brazilian general and statesman: president 1964–67.

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