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the deciding vote of the presiding officer of a deliberative body, made when the other votes are equally divided.
Historical Examples

Brunowski took no part in the division, but had the right of a casting-vote.
The Shadow of the Czar John R. Carling

This Committee, by the casting-vote of its Chairman, has decided that I am not entitled to affirm.
The True Story of my Parliamentary Struggle Charles Bradlaugh

But fancy the President speaking against me, though he has a casting-vote.
Gulmore, The Boss Frank Harris

The voting being equal, Capt. Pearson gave the casting-vote in his own favour, and declared himself duly elected.
Norfolk Annals Charles Mackie

The voting was equal, and the Mayor giving his casting-vote in favour of the latter, Mr. Coaks was declared duly elected.
Norfolk Annals Charles Mackie

Consequently the voting was even, and the retiring Mayor gave his casting-vote in favour of Mr. Coaks.
Norfolk Annals Charles Mackie

The Governor-General had in it but one vote, and in case of equality, a casting-vote.
Rulers of India: Lord Clive George Bruce Malleson

The Raad was exactly divided on the measure, and it was eventually lost by the casting-vote of the chairman.
The Transvaal from Within J. P. Fitzpatrick

the deciding vote used by the presiding officer of an assembly when votes cast on both sides are equal in number


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