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a town in N England, in Wakefield unitary authority, West Yorkshire on the River Aire. Pop: 37 525 (2001)
Contemporary Examples

castleford officials even considered a lawsuit against the EPA rule.
The Congressman Fighting for More Arsenic in Drinking Water Tim Mak July 6, 2014

Historical Examples

How pleasant we all were together at castleford before this horrid man turned up!
A Crooked Path Mrs. Alexander

The firm of Frith and castleford was coming to the front in the Chinese trade.
Chantry House Charlotte M. Yonge

To see castleford again, and especially in its January dress, was an attraction.
The Girls of St. Cyprian’s Angela Brazil

“Oh, and here’s a castleford,” cried William, paying no attention to the interruption.
Miss Billy Eleanor H. Porter

When you spoke to me that day at castleford I thought I should have dropped at your feet with the overpowering sense of shame.
A Crooked Path Mrs. Alexander

castleford was an old place, though the house was comparatively new.
A Crooked Path Mrs. Alexander

Mr. castleford could not be heard from till the end of the week.
Chantry House Charlotte M. Yonge

Never mind, if we’ve no sensation on the journey, perhaps we’ll find one at castleford.
The Girls of St. Cyprian’s Angela Brazil

After her quiet country home at castleford, St. Cyprian’s seemed a new world, full from morning to night of fresh impressions.
The Girls of St. Cyprian’s Angela Brazil


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