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to remove the testes of; emasculate; geld.
to remove the ovaries of.
Psychology. to render impotent, literally or metaphorically, by psychological means, especially by threatening a person’s masculinity or femininity.
to deprive of strength, power, or efficiency; weaken:
Without those ten new submarines, our navy will be castrated.
a castrated person or animal.
Contemporary Examples

Franco plays Benjy, the mentally handicapped—and eventually, castrated—member of the Compson clan.
James Franco and Scott Haze on ‘The Sound and the Fury’ and Gawker ‘Outing’ Them As A ‘Couple’ Marlow Stern September 5, 2014

Thus, during Jim Crow, black men were routinely hanged, castrated, and lynched for alleged sexual assaults against white women.
No Wonder Cosby’s Keeping Quiet: He Could Still Be Prosecuted Jay Michaelson November 22, 2014

In one sickening final detail, Joe Christmas is castrated even before he is dead, his blood soaking his attackers.
C.E. Morgan: ‘Light in August’ is Faulkner’s Great American Novel C.E. Morgan August 15, 2012

How would she feel if Bizanowicz got a shorter term in return for agreeing to be castrated?
The Case for Castration Tim Murphy March 25, 2009

Historical Examples

Pigs are castrated at all ages, from a fortnight to three, six and eight weeks, and even four months old.
Sheep, Swine, and Poultry Robert Jennings

Before the kids are allowed to go out with the flock the males should be castrated.
Practical Angora Goat Raising C. P. Bailey

As the bulls became old and developed signs of viciousness, they were castrated, younger animals being used for breeding.
Fur Farming A. R. Harding

But in Bontoc the boar not intended for breeding is castrated.
The Bontoc Igorot Albert Ernest Jenks

What, then, do they say is signified by the castrated Atys himself, and whatever remained to him after his castration?
The City of God, Volume I Aurelius Augustine

It is in this spirit, and with such apologies, that historians have often castrated their own history.
Amenities of Literature Isaac Disraeli

verb (transitive)
to remove the testicles of; emasculate; geld
to deprive of vigour, masculinity, etc
to remove the ovaries of; spay
to expurgate or censor (a book, play, etc)

1610s (implied in castrated), back-formation from castration (q.v.), or from Latin castratus, past participle of castrare. The figurative sense is attested earlier (1550s). Related: Castrating.

castrate cas·trate (kās’trāt’)
v. cas·trat·ed, cas·trat·ing, cas·trates

To remove the testicles of a male; emasculate.

To remove the ovaries of a female; spay.


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