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Casual day


See dress-down Friday


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  • Casual Friday

    Friday designated as a day on which employees are allowed to dress less formally than on other workdays. noun another name for dress-down Friday noun the business practice of allowing employees to dress more casually on Fridays noun phrase The last day of the workweek, when one can dress informally: He cites the business community’s […]

  • Casual sex

    noun sexual relations not involving a love relationship, esp. brief encounters or an encounter on one occasion Examples Schools advise youngsters on the dangers of casual sex. Contemporary Examples Complications arise when Jules engages in some casual sex with Paul, blurring the familial lines for all parties involved. Prepping for the Oscars on DVD Marlow […]

  • Casual water

    noun in golf, water that has accumulated temporarily and is not a recognized course hazard Historical Examples If a ball lie in casual water on a putting-green, a ball may be placed by hand behind the water without penalty. The Complete Golfer [1905] Harry Vardon By the way, I ought to warn you that this […]

  • Casual-wear

    clothing designed for wear on informal occasions.

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