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to cause (a nutrient or other substance) to undergo catabolism.
to be subjected to catabolism.


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  • Catacaustic

    noting a caustic surface or curve formed by the reflection of light. a catacaustic surface or curve. adjective (of a caustic curve or surface) formed by reflected light rays Compare diacaustic noun a catacaustic curve or surface

  • Catachresis

    misuse or strained use of words, as in a mixed metaphor, occurring either in error or for rhetorical effect. Historical Examples It is a sort of quaint alteration or catachresis of Possunt quia posse videntur. A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1 George Saintsbury It is true that might be taken by catachresis to […]

  • Catachronobiology

    catachronobiology catachronobiology cat·a·chron·o·bi·ol·o·gy (kāt’ə-krŏn’ə-bī-ŏl’ə-jē) n. The study of the deleterious effects of time on a living system.

  • Cataclastic

    a process of deformation or metamorphism in which the grains of a rock are fractured and rotated. noun (pl) -ses (-siːz) (geology) the deformation of rocks by crushing and shearing cataclastic (kāt’ə-klās’tĭk) Relating to rocks consisting of cemented fragments that originate from the mechanical breakdown of rock associated with plate tectonic processes. Cataclastic rocks form […]

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