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a list or record, as of items for sale or courses at a university, systematically arranged and often including descriptive material:
a stamp catalog.
something that contains such a list or record, as a book, leaflet, or file.
a list of the contents of a library or a group of libraries, arranged according to any of various systems.
Compare card catalog, on-line catalog, union catalog.
any list or record:
a catalog of complaints.
to enter (items) in a catalog; make a catalog of.
to produce a catalog.
to have a specified price as listed in a catalog:
This model catalogs for $49.95.
to offer merchandise in a mail-order catalog.
of, relating to, or carrying on business through a mail-order catalog:
catalog sales.
Contemporary Examples

Basically everyone at this campus is out of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog.
More Bogus College Stereotypes Kathleen Kingsbury July 25, 2009

After reading that, you might be inspired to catalog the same for yourself.
Return of the Dandy Renata Espinosa March 31, 2009

Reading what Rodriguez calls his “catalog of the bad” is a nauseating experience.
Headless Bodies in Endless War Bryan Curtis June 7, 2010

The exact nature of the fiscal offers he has put on the table, and a catalog of Republican rejectionism.
Advice for Obama: Forget Bulworth. Try Rambo. Michael Tomasky May 17, 2013

The Miscegenation Ball was an exception in its otherwise bland, though proficient, catalog.
How a Racist Newspaper Defeated Lincoln in New York in the 1864 Election Harold Holzer May 1, 2013

Historical Examples

The shape of the handles is that of stock handles available for small plows and cultivators in such a catalog as Belknap’s.
John Deere’s Steel Plow Edward C. Kendall

A catalog was published of which were printed more than forty editions.
All About Coffee William H. Ukers

There has resulted, therefore, a situation which cannot be remedied by any catalog, no matter how exhaustive or how perfect.
Papers and Proceedings of the Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting of the American Library Association Held at Ottawa, Canada June 26-July 2, 1912 Various

I started at the first page of Ike’s catalog, and ended up at the last.
Fighting Byng A. Stone

The Copyright Office welcomes inquiries, suggestions, and comments on the content and organization of the catalog.
Motion Pictures 1960-1969 Copyright Office. Library of Congress.

see catalogue.


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