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a list or record, as of items for sale or courses at a university, systematically arranged and often including descriptive material:
a stamp catalog.
something that contains such a list or record, as a book, leaflet, or file.
a list of the contents of a library or a group of libraries, arranged according to any of various systems.
Compare card catalog, on-line catalog, union catalog.
any list or record:
a catalog of complaints.
to enter (items) in a catalog; make a catalog of.
to produce a catalog.
to have a specified price as listed in a catalog:
This model catalogs for $49.95.
to offer merchandise in a mail-order catalog.
of, relating to, or carrying on business through a mail-order catalog:
catalog sales.
Contemporary Examples

I use a method I learned when I was 14, in Western Civilization class, cataloguing ideas on index cards, in shoe boxes.
Elizabeth Gilbert: How I Write Noah Charney October 1, 2013

Even Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy.com devoted time to cataloguing praise for the venerable Cramer.
Richard Ben Cramer Dies at 62 Justin Green January 7, 2013

Historical Examples

A slight change, however, was made in the method of recording and cataloguing field data.
The Topanga Culture Final Report on Excavations, 1948 A. E. Treganza

For thirteen years (after 1763) Lackington did all his own cataloguing.
The Book-Hunter in London William Roberts

The fever seized her thereupon, and she plunged into planning and cataloguing.
Rose of Dutcher’s Coolly Hamlin Garland

It’s cataloguing day, and one’s not supposed to use the library.
For the Sake of the School Angela Brazil

For instance: if there is a hell—and I’m not anyways convinced that there is—I don’t believe—but what’s the use of cataloguing it?
The Quickening Francis Lynde

He apparently had just finished his day’s work of cataloguing.
The Socialist Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull

“Doris has her own quaint but quite accurate way of cataloguing our various applications,” he explained.
The Great Gray Plague Raymond F. Jones

Let us perform the perfunctory task of cataloguing some of these memories.
South London Sir Walter Besant

see catalogue.


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