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a Siouan language of North and South Carolina.
a river flowing from W North Carolina into South Carolina, where it becomes the Wateree River.
Compare Wateree.

a reddish variety of grape.
the vine bearing this fruit, grown in the eastern U.S.

a light, dry, white wine made from this grape.
Contemporary Examples

The visionary behind it, Nicholas Longworth was convinced Catawba would become the greatest grape in America, possibly the world.
America’s First Great Wine…Made in 1842 Jordan Salcito November 22, 2013

Historical Examples

The Catawba grunted his doubt that the enemy was as inalert as he appeared to be; then he set the doubt in words.
The Master of Appleby Francis Lynde

The flavor resembles that of Catawba but has less of the wild taste.
Manual of American Grape-Growing U. P. Hedrick

It was the sharp eyes of the Catawba that finally descried it.
The Master of Appleby Francis Lynde

Its parents are said to be Catawba pollinated by a wild stivalis.
Manual of American Grape-Growing U. P. Hedrick

Meanwhile the fragmentary Catawba, with which I believe that the Caddo was connected had its congeners far to westward.
Opuscula Robert Gordon Latham

The Catawba crossed, the next stream of importance was the Yadkin.
Historical Tales, Vol. 2 (of 15) Charles Morris

Probably it was Uché on the south-west, and Catawba on the north.
The Natural History of the Varieties of Man Robert Gordon Latham

The varieties were Isabella and Catawba and there were, all told, about half an acre.
The Grapes of New York U. P. Hedrick

From many points of view the Catawba is the most interesting of our American grapes.
The Grapes of New York U. P. Hedrick

(pl) -ba, -bas. a member of a North American Indian people, formerly of South Carolina, now almost extinct
their language, belonging to the Siouan family
a cultivated variety of red North American grape, widely grown in the eastern US
the wine made from these grapes

type of American grape, 1857, the name is that of a river in South Carolina, U.S., where the grape was found. The river is named for the Katahba Indian group and language (Siouan), from katapu “fork of a stream,” itself a Muskogean loan-word.


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