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a shrill, whistlelike sound or loud raucous shout made to express disapproval at a theater, meeting, etc.
an instrument for producing such a sound.
to sound catcalls.
to express disapproval of by catcalls.
Contemporary Examples

Some folks say Emmett whistled at Carolyn as a manner of catcall, expressing his admiration.
From Emmett Till to Jordan Davis, a Foolish, Lethal Fear of Black Teens Joshua DuBois February 8, 2014

Historical Examples

He found that antiquaries were much divided in opinion as to the origin of the catcall.
A Book of the Play Dutton Cook

The conveyance of a catcall to the theatre evidences a predisposition to uproarious censure.
A Book of the Play Dutton Cook

The essayist, however, is disposed to hold that the catcall is originally a piece of English music.
A Book of the Play Dutton Cook

The soldier, addressed put a finger to the sound side of his mouth and uttered a catcall.
The Burning Spear John Galsworthy

a shrill whistle or cry expressing disapproval, as at a public meeting, etc
to utter such a call (at); deride with catcalls

1650s, a type of noisemaker used to express dissatisfaction in play-houses, from cat (n.) + call (n.); presumably because it sounded like an angry cat. As a verb, attested from 1734.


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