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any of various plants, especially of the genera Silene and Lychnis, having a viscid secretion on the stem and calyx in which small insects are sometimes caught.
Historical Examples

They are found on many plants, such as Salvia glutinosa, Plumbago, and catchfly.
The Romance of Plant Life G. F. Scott Elliot

A catchfly which is not viscid, with the flowers collected into a tuft.
Lachesis Lapponica Carl von Linn

It turned out to be a catchfly, and, like the Kentucky warbler, it became common a little later.
Spring notes from Tennessee Bradford Torrey

It feeds on the seeds of catchfly, campion, and will eat those of sweet-william and garden pinks.
The Moths of the British Isles, First Series Richard South

noun (pl) -flies
any of several caryophyllaceous plants of the genus Silene that have sticky calyxes and stems on which insects are sometimes trapped


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