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a choice food;delicacy; dainty.
Contemporary Examples

His latest is the critically acclaimed dramedy Blue Jasmine, starring cate Blanchett.
Woody Allen’s Amazing Life Lessons in Esquire Magazine Marlow Stern August 8, 2013

Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, and cate Blanchett will light up the red carpet.
The Most ‘WTF’ Oscar Moments Ever: Rob Lowe’s Duet with Snow White, Sacheen Littlefeather, and the Streaker Kevin Fallon, Marlow Stern February 26, 2014

The public got a close look at his work during the Oscars as both cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway wore his gowns.
Paris Fashion Week Frenzy: Let’s Focus on Clothes Robin Givhan March 8, 2011

The Secret Rescue By cate Lineberry The story of non-combat heroes and their escape from Nazi-occupied Albania.
This Week’s Hot Reads: May 6, 2013 Nicholas Mancusi May 5, 2013

If you dress cate Blanchett and she’s not nominated you can sit out a whole awards season to the tune of fifty grand or more.
Battle of the Oscar Stylists Merle Ginsberg February 19, 2009

Historical Examples

For the moment, cate and his own day-dreams were lost sight of.
The Making of William Edwards Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks

The objections of Mrs. Edwards to cate Griffith certainly were so.
The Making of William Edwards Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks

However, Brandon began a little to weary of waiting and long prayer, and perhaps of the now too frequent visits of Mr cate.
Rattlin the Reefer Edward Howard

I have heard Rhys and cate be laughing over it many a time.’
The Making of William Edwards Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks

It was no easy matter; frequently the cake or cate went in the fire or lodged in the chimney.
Our Cats and All About Them Harrison Weir

Computer Aided Test Engineering.


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