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Category a

adjective (Brit)
(of a prisoner) regarded as highly dangerous and therefore requiring constant observation and maximum security
(of a prison or prison unit) designed for such prisoners


Read Also:

  • Category d

    adjective (Brit) (of a prisoner) regarded as sufficiently trustworthy to be kept under open prison conditions (of a prison or prison unit) designed for such prisoners

  • Category-killer

    a store, company, product, etc., that dominates a merchandise or service category and has almost no competition. noun a person, product, or business that dominates a particular market noun a retail store that specializes in one kind of discounted merchandise and which dominates the competition Examples Microsoft was once thought of as a category killer.

  • Category management

    noun (marketing) the management of a range of related products in a way designed to increase sales of all of the products

  • Category mistake

    noun (philosophy, logic) a sentence that says of something in one category what can only intelligibly be said of something in another, as when speaking of the mind located in space noun an error in the classification of something

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