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of or relating to catharsis.
Also, cathartical. evacuating the bowels; purgative.
a purgative.
Contemporary Examples

Better still, Kill Your Friends, despite its 1997 setting, feels bracingly, cathartically, of the moment.
The Sound of Violence Taylor Antrim February 16, 2009

effecting catharsis
a purgative drug or agent

1610s, of medicines, from Latin catharticus, from Greek kathartikos “fit for cleansing, purgative,” from katharsis “purging, cleansing” (see catharsis). General sense is from 1670s. Related: Cathartical.

cathartic ca·thar·tic (kə-thär’tĭk)
Inducing catharsis; purgative. n.
An agent for purging the bowels, especially a laxative.


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