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Catherine de medicis

(Caterina de’ Medici) 1518–89, queen of Henry II of France (mother of Francis II, Charles IX, and Henry III).
Historical Examples

catherine de medicis, wife of Henry ii., became the mother of ten children after a sterility of ten years.
The Physical Life of Woman: Dr. George H Napheys

It was catherine de medicis, who arrived there with rather a large suite.
Chicot the Jester Alexandre Dumas, Pere

Rabelais, before its secularisation, was one of its canons, and catherine de medicis once possessed a chteau on its site.
Paris and its Story Thomas Okey

Concini and his wife, Sire, come from the same country as catherine de medicis.
The Life of Marie de Medicis, Vol. 2 (of 3) Julia Pardoe

catherine de medicis had saved him from the massacre of St. Bartholomew.
A Short History of French Literature George Saintsbury

catherine de medicis rose and approached the window, through which she contemplated the face of the bright heavens.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 58, No. 362, December 1845 Various

catherine de medicis was as crafty and deceitful as her father, and more superstitious and cruel.
The Physical Life of Woman: Dr. George H Napheys

But instead of one of her attendant ladies, it was the calm imposing form of catherine de medicis that entered the apartment.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 59, No. 363, January, 1846 Various

Henault informs us, that it was much in vogue, in France, during the days of catherine de medicis.
Dealings With The Dead A Sexton of the Old School

catherine de medicis made him her master of the household; and his son received the bishopric of Macon.
Renaissance in Italy: Italian Literature John Addington Symonds


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