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a flow of electrons emanating from a cathode in a vacuum tube and focused into a narrow beam.
Historical Examples

A cathode-ray photograph of the whale, showing myself, the original Jonah, seated inside.
The Enchanted Typewriter John Kendrick Bangs

cathode ray cath·ode ray (kāth’ōd’)

A stream of electrons emitted by the cathode in electrical discharge tubes.

One of the electrons that is emitted in a stream from a cathode-ray tube.

cathode ray
A beam of electrons streaming from the negatively charged end of a vacuum tube (the cathode) toward a positively charged plate (the anode).


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  • Cathode-ray tube

    a vacuum tube generating a focused beam of electrons that can be deflected by electric fields, magnetic fields, or both. The terminus of the beam is visible as a spot or line of luminescence caused by its impinging on a sensitized screen at one end of the tube. Cathode-ray tubes are used to study the […]

  • Cathodic-protection

    protection of ferrous metals against electrolysis by the attachment of sacrificial anodes. noun (metallurgy) a technique for protecting metal structures, such as steel ships and pipelines, from electrolytic corrosion by making the structure the cathode in a cell, either by applying an electromotive force directly or by putting it into contact with a more electropositive […]

  • Cathodic

    pertaining to a cathode or phenomena in its vicinity.

  • Cathodoluminescence

    light emitted by a substance undergoing bombardment by cathode rays. noun (physics) luminescence caused by irradiation with electrons (cathode rays)

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