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tool, CAD, product
A CAD/CAM system produced by Dassault Systemes and sold by IBM. CATIA is used heavily in the car and aerospace industries. It runs on various Unix platforms and Windows NT.
Historical Examples

In all surety, catia’s wedding reception left nothing lacking on the score of elegance.
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray

Of course, it was nice of catia to have chosen her for bridesmaid.
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray

He had felt sure that he had heard “I, Scott, take thee, catia.”
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray

Turning from the mirror, catia spoke with a dignity which was crushing.
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray

But Reed, as he looked at Olive and remembered catia, felt no real need to put the question.
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray

Indeed, it did not even start from that night, nor from any night in which catia’s memory could have a share.
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray

catia only saw the blinking, and to herself she pronounced it a new and ugly mannerism.
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray

Without catia in his past, Scott Brenton would have been lonely.
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray

So they went stepping out into the new life before them: catia Brenton and Scott, her husband.
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray

The marriage, in its inception, might have been altogether catia’s doing.
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray


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