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Historical Examples

They made me catmint tea, and rubbed it on their hands so I could smell of it, and never left me alone.
Daisy Miranda Eliot Swan

It was many days before I visited that catmint bed again, for it rained very hard.
Daisy Miranda Eliot Swan

catmint will cause those of the most gentle and mild dispositions to become fierce and quarrelsome.
Plant Lore, Legends, and Lyrics Richard Folkard

He wrote word that he had planted a large grove of catmint for me, and had called it “Daisy’s Plantation.”
Daisy Miranda Eliot Swan

He knew where it was kept, and would go and mew before the closet door till he got his catmint.
Daisy Miranda Eliot Swan

Jack announced one day that she had been disturbed by the musicales, and the catmint period was drawing to an end.
Daisy Miranda Eliot Swan

After this I had to bear jeers and scoffs; but I would not give up my principles nor yet my catmint bed.
Daisy Miranda Eliot Swan

I shall have to chew a lot of catmint and roll in it before I feel like myself again.
Daisy Miranda Eliot Swan

a Eurasian plant, Nepeta cataria, having spikes of purple-spotted white flowers and scented leaves of which cats are fond: family Lamiaeae (labiates) Also called catnip


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