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Cattle market

(Brit, slang) a situation or place, such as a beauty contest or nightclub, in which women are felt to be, or feel themselves to be, on display and judged solely by their appearance
Contemporary Examples

Historical Examples


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  • Cattle-plague

    rinderpest. Historical Examples noun another name for rinderpest

  • Cattle-prod

    a rod-shaped, usually electrified device designed for prodding or driving livestock, especially cattle. noun a hand-held electrified rod with low voltage used to control cattle

  • Cattle-run

    a barnyard or fenced area adjacent to a barn used as a limited grazing area or exercise lot for cattle. a passageway used for cattle. Historical Examples

  • Cattle-show

    an exhibition of prize cattle by cattle breeders, as at a livestock exposition. Informal. a public appearance by the contenders for a political office, a job, or the like, at which they may be judged by voters, prospective employers, etc. Historical Examples noun phrase A convention or other occasion where political candidates display their notions, […]

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