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Caudate nucleus

caudate nucleus n.
An elongated, curved mass of gray matter consisting of three portions: an anterior, thick portion that projects into the anterior horn of the lateral ventricle; a portion extending along the floor of the body of the lateral ventricle; and an elongated, thin portion that curves downward and backward in the temporal lobes to the wall of the lateral ventricle. Also called caudatum.


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  • Caudate process

    caudate process n. A narrow band of hepatic tissue connecting the caudate and right lobes of the liver behind the portal fissure.

  • Caudatum

    caudatum cau·da·tum (kô-dā’təm) n. pl. cau·da·ta (-tə) See caudate nucleus.

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    a system of government by a caudillo. a state or government in which a caudillo exercises absolute power.

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