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noting a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others.
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  • Cause-celebre

    any controversy that attracts great public attention, as a celebrated legal case or trial. noun (pl) causes célèbres (ˈkɔːz səˈlɛbrəz; -ˈlɛb; ˈkɔːzɪz səˈlɛbrə; -ˈlɛbz; French) (koz selɛbrə) a famous lawsuit, trial, or controversy cause célèbre [(kohz say-leb-ruh, kawz suh-leb-ruh)] A cause or issue, generally political, that arouses public opinion: “The question of the draft was […]

  • Caudal-anesthesia

    anesthesia below the pelvis, induced by injecting an anesthetic into the sacral portion of the spinal canal. caudal anesthesia n. Regional anesthesia by injection of a local anesthetic into the epidural space via the sacral hiatus.

  • Caudal

    Anatomy, Zoology. of, at, or near the tail or the posterior end of the body. Zoology. taillike: caudal appendages. Medicine/Medical. a caudal anesthetic. Historical Examples adjective (anatomy) of or towards the posterior part of the body (zoology) relating to, resembling, or in the position of the tail adj. 1660s, from Latin cauda “tail of an […]

  • Caudaite

    a small meteorite, generally less than one half millimeter in diameter, containing crystals of more or less pure magnetite.

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