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a cave, especially one that is large and mostly underground.
Pathology. a cavity that is produced by disease, especially one produced in the lungs by tuberculosis.
to enclose in or as if in a cavern.
to hollow out to form a cavern.
Contemporary Examples

Historical Examples

a cave, esp when large and formed by underground water, or a large chamber in a cave
verb (transitive)
to shut in or as if in a cavern
to hollow out

late 14c., from Old French caverne (12c.) “cave, vault, cellar,” from Late Latin caverna “cave,” from Latin cavus “hollow” (see cave (n.)). In Old English such a land feature might be called an eorðscræf.
A large cave.


Read Also:

  • Caverna

    caverna ca·ver·na (kə-vûr’nə, kā-) n. pl. ca·ver·nae (-nē’) An anatomical cavity or hollow space.

  • Cavernicolous

    living in caverns or caves, as certain animals. Historical Examples

  • Caverniloquy

    caverniloquy cav·er·nil·o·quy (kāv’ər-nĭl’ə-kwē) n. A low-pitched, resonant pectoriloquy detected over a lung cavity.

  • Cavernitis

    cavernitis cav·er·ni·tis (kāv’ər-nī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the cavernous body of the penis.

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