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being, resembling, or suggestive of a cavern:
a vast, cavernous room.
cavernous eyes.
hollow and deep-sounding:
a cavernous voice.
containing caverns.
full of small cavities; porous.
Contemporary Examples

Historical Examples

suggestive of a cavern in vastness, darkness, etc: cavernous hungry eyes
filled with small cavities; porous
(of rocks) containing caverns or cavities

c.1400, “full of caverns,” from Latin cavernosus “full of cavities” (source also of Italian cavernoso, French caverneux), from caverna (see cavern). Meaning “hollow” is recorded from 1830.

cavernous cav·ern·ous (kāv’ər-nəs)
Filled with cavities or hollow areas; porous.


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