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See under resonator (def 4a).
anything that resonates.
an appliance for increasing sound by resonance.
an instrument for detecting the presence of a particular frequency by means of resonance.

a hollow enclosure (cavity resonator) made of conducting material of such dimensions that electromagnetic radiation of a certain frequency will resonate.
any circuit having this frequency characteristic.

(electronics) a conducting surface enclosing a space in which an oscillating electromagnetic field can be maintained, the dimensions of the cavity determining the resonant frequency of the oscillations. It is used in microwave devices for frequencies exceeding 300 megahertz Also called resonant cavity, rhumbatron
any body or system that displays resonance, esp a tuned electrical circuit or a conducting cavity in which microwaves are generated by a resonant current

instrument or chamber formed to respond to a single tone, 1869, agent noun in Latin form from resonate (v.).


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