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any hollow place; hollow.
Anatomy. a hollow space within the body, an organ, a bone, etc.
a hollow space or a pit in a tooth, most commonly produced by caries. A cavity may be artificially made to support dental restorations.
Contemporary Examples

Historical Examples

noun (pl) -ties
a hollow space; hole
(dentistry) a soft decayed area on a tooth See caries
any empty or hollow space within the body: the oral cavity
(electronics) See cavity resonator

1540s, from Middle French cavité (13c.), from Late Latin cavitatem (nominative cavitas) “hollowness,” from Latin cavus “hollow” (see cave (n.)).

cavity cav·i·ty (kāv’ĭ-tē)

A hollow area within the body, such as a sinus cavity.

A pitted area in a tooth caused by caries.


A hollow; a hole.

A hollow area within the body.

A pitted area in a tooth caused by caries.


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