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cavosurface ca·vo·sur·face (kā’vō-sûr’fəs)
Of or relating to the wall of a cavity and the surface of a tooth.


Read Also:

  • Cavosurface angle

    cavosurface angle n. The angle formed by the junction of a cavity wall and the surface of a tooth.

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    Camillo Benso di [kah-meel-law ben-saw dee] /kɑˈmil lɔ ˈbɛn sɔ di/ (Show IPA), 1810–61, Italian statesman: leader in the unification of Italy. Contemporary Examples Historical Examples noun Conte Camillo Benso di (kaˈmillo ˈbɛnzo di).1810–61, Italian statesman and premier of Piedmont-Sardinia (1852–59; 1860–61): a leader of the movement for the unification of Italy

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  • Cavum

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