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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Contemporary Examples

(in the US) Center for Disease Control
Commonwealth Development Corporation

abbreviation of Centers for Disease Control, renamed 1970 from earlier U.S. federal health lab, originally Communicable Diseases Center (1946). Since 1992, full name is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but the usual initialism remains CDC.

CDC abbr.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC (Centers for Disease Control)

A government agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, which is responsible for the control and suppression of infectious diseases. It offers a national information database on infectious disease and national support to the health care community by providing research and control measures in response to imminent health threats, such as epidemics.

Control Data Corporation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
century date change
[National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] Climate Diagnostics Center
Connected Device Configuration


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