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a multiplicative suffix occurring in once, twice, thrice.
Chemical Engineer.
chief engineer.
Church of England.
Civil Engineer.
common era.
Corps of Engineers.
buyer’s risk.
compass error.
Contemporary Examples

Historical Examples

Chemical symbol
chief engineer
Church of England
civil engineer
Common Entrance
Common Era
Communauté Européenne (European Union)

as an abbreviation for “Common Era” or “Christian Era,” and a non-Christian alternative to A.D., attested from 1838 in works on Jewish history. Companion B.C.E. is attested from 1881.

The symbol for the element cerium.
The symbol for cerium.
Abbreviation for Common Era.
Symbol Ce
A shiny, gray metallic element of the lanthanide series. It is ductile and malleable and is used in electronic components, alloys, and lighter flints. It is also used in glass polishing and as a catalyst in self-cleaning ovens. Atomic number 58; atomic weight 140.12; melting point 795°C; boiling point 3,468°C; specific gravity 6.67 to 8.23; valence 3, 4. See Periodic Table.

IBM Customer Engineer
communications engineer
Council of Europe
Latin caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)
compass error
chemical engineer
Church of England
civil engineer
Common Era
[United States Army] Corps of Engineers


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