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(Edgar Algernon) Robert (1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood) 1864–1958, British statesman: Nobel Peace Prize 1937.
Robert (1st Earl of Salisburyand1st Viscount Cecil of Cranborne) 1563–1612, British statesman (son of William Cecil).
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-, Salisbury (def 1).
William (1st Baron Burghley or Burleigh) 1520–98, British statesman: adviser to Elizabeth I.
a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “blind.”.
Contemporary Examples

Remembering YSL’s Muse Alice Cavanagh November 6, 2011
‘The Butler’ Fact Check: How True Is This True Story? Kevin Fallon August 15, 2013
“Get a F***ing Life”: Last Words Daniel Day-Lewis Spoke To Half-Brother Tom Sykes March 3, 2013
‘The Butler’ Fact Check: How True Is This True Story? Kevin Fallon August 15, 2013
Kevin Clash’s Accusers Speak Out About Sex With Elmo Puppeteer Maria Elena Fernandez December 5, 2012

Historical Examples

A Ladder of Swords Gilbert Parker
Floyd Grandon’s Honor Amanda Minnie Douglas
The Three Brides Charlotte M. Yonge
Floyd Grandon’s Honor Amanda Minnie Douglas
Molly Bawn Margaret Wolfe Hamilton

Lord David. 1902–86, English literary critic and biographer
Robert. See (3rd Marquess of) Salisbury2
William. See (William Cecil) Burghley

AN object-oriented language combining multi-methods with a classless object model, object-based encapsulation and optional static type checking. It distinguishes between subtyping and code inheritance. Includes both explicit and implicit parameterisation of objects, types, and methods.
[“The Cecil Language: Specification and Rationale”, C. Chambers, TR 93-03-05, U Wash (Mar 1993)].


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