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  • Cedric

    a male given name. Contemporary Examples Historical Examples masc. proper name, modern, apparently introduced by Sir Walter Scott (Cedric the Saxon is a character in “Ivanhoe”); apparently a mistake for Old English name Cerdic.

  • Cedron

    the black torrent, the brook flowing through the ravine below the eastern wall of Jerusalem (John 18:1). (See KIDRON.) Historical Examples

  • Cedula

    noun an authorization or permit issued by the Spanish or a South American government Word Origin Spanish cédula ‘schedule’ Usage Note politics Historical Examples

  • Cees

    the letter C. shaped or formed like the letter C. n. “name of the letter C,” 1540s. Committee on Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Ceeac

    French Communauté économique des états de l’Afrique centrale (Economic Community of Central African States)

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