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Celebrity novel


fiction written by or credited to a famous person, expected to sell on the strength of that person’s fame


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  • Celebrity novelist

    noun a famous person who has published a novel; a novelist who has become a celebrity

  • Celebutante

    a person seeking the limelight through association with celebrities. Contemporary Examples noun a young woman from a wealthy background who becomes a celebrity noun a débutante who has become a celebrity, such as a famous heiress

  • Celeriac

    a variety of celery, Apium graveolens rapaceum, of the parsley family, having a large, edible, turniplike root. Contemporary Examples Historical Examples noun a variety of celery, Apium graveolens rapaceum, with a large turnip-like root, used as a vegetable

  • Celerity

    swiftness; speed. Historical Examples noun rapidity; swiftness; speed n. late 15c., from Old French celeritee (14c., Modern French célérité), from Latin celeritatem (nominative celeritas) “swiftness,” from celer “swift,” from possible PIE root *kel- “to drive, set in swift motion” (cf. Sanskrit carati “goes,” Greek keles “fast horse or ship,” keleuthos “journey, road,” Lithuanian sulys “a […]

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