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Celestine III

(Giacinto Bobone) died 1198, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1191–98.


Read Also:

  • Celestine IV

    (Godfrey Castiglione) died 1241, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1241.

  • Celestine V

    Saint (Pietro di Murrone or Morone) 1215–96, Italian ascetic: pope 1294.

  • Celestite

    a white to pale-blue mineral, strontium sulfate, SrSO 4 , occurring in tabular crystals, the principal ore of strontium. noun a white, red, or blue mineral consisting of strontium sulphate in orthorhombic crystalline form: a source of strontium compounds. Formula: SrSO4

  • Celia

    a female given name, form of Cecilia. Contemporary Examples Historical Examples fem. proper name, from Italian Celia, from Latin Caelia, fem. of Caelius, name of a Roman gens. Sheila is a variant.

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