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cell-mediated immunity.
immunity independent of antibody but dependent on the recognition of antigen by T cells and their subsequent destruction of cells bearing the antigen or on the secretion by T cells of lymphokines that enhance the ability of phagocytes to eliminate the antigen.

cell-mediated immunity n.
Abbr. CMI
Immunity resulting from a cell-mediated immune response. Also called cellular immunity.

cellular immunity n.
See cell-mediated immunity.
cell-mediated immunity
Immunity resulting from a cell-mediated immune response. Also called cellular immunity. Compare humoral immunity.
cellular immunity
See cell-mediated immunity.


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    cellular immunodeficiency n. Any of a group of disorders associated with recurrent bacterial, fungal, protozoal, and viral infections and characterized by atrophy of the thymus gland, depressed cell-mediated immunity, and defective humoral immunity. Also called Nezelof type of thymic alymphoplasia.

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    cellular infiltration n. The migration of cells from their sources of origin, or the direct extension of cells as a result of unusual growth and multiplication, into organs or tissues. Historical Examples

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