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Cellular radio

radio communication based on a network of transmitters each serving a small area known as a cell: used in personal communications systems in which the mobile receiver switches frequencies automatically as it passes from one cell to another


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  • Cellularity

    pertaining to or characterized by cellules or cells, especially minute compartments or cavities. of or relating to cellular phones. adjective of, relating to, resembling, or composed of a cell or cells having cells or small cavities; porous divided into a network of cells (textiles) woven with an open texture: a cellular blanket designed for or […]

  • Cellulase

    any of several enzymes, produced primarily by fungi and bacteria, that catalyze the hydrolysis of cellulose. Historical Examples noun any enzyme that converts cellulose to the disaccharide cellobiose cellulase cel·lu·lase (sěl’yə-lās’, -lāz’) n. Any of several enzymes produced chiefly by fungi, bacteria, and protozoans that catalyze the hydrolysis of cellulose. cellulase (sěl’yə-lās’) Any of several […]

  • Cellule

    a minute cell. Historical Examples noun a very small cell cellule cel·lule (sěl’yōōl) n. A small cell.

  • Cellulicidal

    cellulicidal cel·lu·li·cid·al (sěl’yə-lĭ-sīd’l) adj. Destructive to cells.

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