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a member of a religious order living in a convent or community.
Historical Examples

a variant spelling of coenobite

also coenobite, “member of a communal religious order,” 1630s, from Church Latin coenobita “a cloister brother,” from coenobium “a convent,” from Greek koinobion “life in community, monastery,” from koinos “common” (see coeno-) + bios “life” (see bio-).


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  • Ceno-

    a combining form meaning “new,” “recent,” used in the formation of compound words: cenogenesis. a combining form meaning “common,” used in the formation of compound words: cenobite. ceno- or cen- or coeno- or coen- pref. Common: cenesthesia.

  • Cenogenesis

    noun a US spelling of caenogenesis Historical Examples

  • Cenosite

    cenosite ce·no·site (sē’nə-sīt’, sěn’ə-) n. An animal parasite that can live independent of its usual host. Also called coinosite.

  • Cenospecies

    a group of different species the individuals of which produce partially fertile hybrids when crossbred. noun (pl) -species a species related to another by the ability to interbreed: dogs and wolves are cenospecies

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