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an offensive player who covers the center of the field and who usually starts the kickoff.

this player position in certain sports


Read Also:

  • Center-halfback

    Field Hockey. the player in the middle among the halfbacks. Soccer. the player in the middle of his or her own half of the field who carries out both offensive and defensive duties. noun this player position in certain sports

  • Center-jump

    a jump ball between the centers of the opposing teams, held in the circle at the center of the court, as at the beginning of each period.

  • Center-of-mass

    the point at which the entire mass of a body may be considered concentrated for some purposes; formally, the point such that the first moment of a physical or geometric object about every line through the point is zero. Compare moment (def 8). center of mass A point in space determined by a distribution of […]

  • Center-of-curvature

    the center of the circle of curvature.

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