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the point on a rigid body, suspended so as to be able to move freely about a fixed axis, at which the body may be struck without changing the position of the axis.


Read Also:

  • Center-of-symmetry

    a point within a crystal through which any straight line extends to points on opposite surfaces of the crystal at equal distances.

  • Centerpiece

    an ornamental object used in a central position, especially on the center of a dining-room table. the central or outstanding point or feature: The centerpiece of the evening was a play put on by the employees. Contemporary Examples Historical Examples n. also center-piece, 1800, from center + piece (n.). Figurative sense is recorded from 1937.

  • Center-pin

    a cylindrical device passing through the center plates of both the body bolster and the truck bolster, permitting the truck to swivel beneath the car body while the stress is taken by the center plate. Historical Examples

  • Center-pivot irrigation

    a method of irrigation, used mainly in the western U.S., in which water is dispersed through a long, segmented arm that revolves about a deep well and covers a circular area from a quarter of a mile to a mile in diameter.

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