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to mark with a center punch.


Read Also:

  • Center-spread

    the pair of pages facing each other at the center of a magazine or newspaper, printed and made up as a single unit. matter occupying this space. Compare double truck (def 2).

  • Center-weighted light meter

    an exposure meter that gives priority to light measured near the center of the picture area, with sensitivity gradually decreasing toward the edges.

  • Center-wheel

    the wheel driving the minute and hour hands of a timepiece.

  • Centered

    having a central axis: a centered arc. equidistant from all bordering or adjacent areas; situated in the center: The illustration was centered on the page. Printing. set above the base line at approximately the level of the hyphen: a centered dot between syllables. Geometry. the middle point, as the point within a circle or sphere […]

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