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Central amputation

central amputation cen·tral amputation (sěn’trəl)
An amputation in which the scar runs at or near the center of the stump.


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  • Central-angle

    an angle formed at the center of a circle by two radii. noun an angle whose vertex is at the centre of a circle central angle (sěn’trəl) An angle formed by two rays from the center of a circle, with the center forming the vertex.

  • Central artery of retina

    central artery of retina n. The branch of the ophthalmic artery that penetrates the optic nerve behind the eye, enters the eye at the optic papilla in the retina, and divides into superior and inferior temporal and nasal branches.

  • Central apnea

    central apnea n. Apnea resulting from medullary depression that inhibits respiratory movement. Contemporary Examples

  • Central-bank

    a bank, as the Federal Reserve Bank, that holds basic banking reserves, issues currency, and acts as lender of last resort and controller of credit. Contemporary Examples noun a national bank that does business mainly with a government and with other banks: it regulates the volume and cost of credit

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