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Central vein of suprarenal gland

central vein of suprarenal gland n.
The single vein draining the adrenal gland that receives a number of medullary veins and empties on the right directly into the inferior vena cava and on the left into the left renal vein.


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  • Central veins of liver

    central veins of liver pl.n. The terminal branches of the hepatic veins, lying centrally in the hepatic lobules and receiving blood from the liver sinusoids.

  • Central venous catheter

    central venous catheter n. A catheter passed through a peripheral vein and ending in the thoracic vena cava; it is used to measure venous pressure or to infuse concentrated solutions.

  • Central venous pressure

    central venous pressure n. Abbr. CVP The pressure of the blood within the superior and inferior vena cava, depressed in circulatory shock and deficiencies of circulating blood volume, and increased with cardiac failure and congestion of circulation.

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    central vision n. Vision produced by light rays falling directly on the fovea centralis of the eye. Also called direct vision. Historical Examples

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