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Centrifugal brake

a safety mechanism on a hoist, crane, etc, that consists of revolving brake shoes that are driven outwards by centrifugal force into contact with a fixed brake drum when the rope drum revolves at excessive speed


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  • Centrifugal-casting

    casting that utilizes centrifugal force within a spinning mold to force the metal against the walls.

  • Centrifugal clutch

    noun (engineering) an automatic clutch in which the friction surfaces are engaged by weighted levers acting under centrifugal force at a certain speed of rotation

  • Centrifugal-force

    an outward force on a body rotating about an axis, assumed equal and opposite to the centripetal force and postulated to account for the phenomena seen by an observer in the rotating body. noun a fictitious force that can be thought of as acting outwards on any body that rotates or moves along a curved […]

  • Centrifugal nerve

    centrifugal nerve n. See efferent nerve.

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