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cephalhydrocele ceph·al·hy·dro·cele (sěf’əl-hī’drə-sēl’)
Effusion of cerebrospinal fluid beneath the scalp in fractures of the skull.


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  • Cephalic

    of or relating to the head. situated or directed toward the head. variant of -cephalous: brachycephalic. Historical Examples adjective of or relating to the head situated in, on, or near the head combining form indicating skull or head; -headed: brachycephalic adj. “pertaining to the head,” early 15c., from Latin cephalicus, from Greek kephalikos “pertaining to […]

  • Cephalic flexure

    cephalic flexure n. The sharp, ventrally concave bend in the developing midbrain of the embryo. Also called cranial flexure, mesencephalic flexure.

  • Cephalic-index

    Cephalometry, Craniometry. the ratio of the greatest breadth of the head to its greatest length from front to back, multiplied by 100. noun the ratio of the greatest width of the human head to its greatest length, multiplied by 100 cephalic index n. The ratio of the maximum width of the head to its maximum […]

  • Cephalic pole

    cephalic pole n. The head end of the fetus. Historical Examples

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