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having a head.
a combining form meaning “having a head or heads” of the specified sort or number:

-cephalous suff.
Having a specified kind of head or number of heads: nanocephalous.


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  • Cephalus

    the husband of Procris. Historical Examples

  • -cephaly

    a combining form of nouns that correspond to adjectives ending in -cephalic, or -cephalous: dolichocephaly. -cephaly suff. A specified condition affecting the head: microcephaly.

  • Cephapirin sodium

    cephapirin sodium ceph·a·pi·rin sodium (sěf’ə-pī’rĭn) n. A semisynthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic derived from cephalosporin, usually administered by injection.

  • Cephas

    a Syriac surname given by Christ to Simon (John 1:42), meaning “rock.” The Greeks translated it by Petros, and the Latins by Petrus. Historical Examples

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