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of or relating to products made from clay and similar materials, as pottery and brick, or to their manufacture:
ceramic art.
ceramic material.
Contemporary Examples

Historical Examples

a hard brittle material made by firing clay and similar substances
an object made from such a material
of, relating to, or made from a ceramic: this vase is ceramic
of or relating to ceramics: ceramic arts and crafts

1850, keramic, from Greek keramikos, from keramos “potter’s clay, pottery, tiles,” perhaps from a pre-Hellenic word. Watkins suggests possible connection with Latin cremare “to burn,” but Klein’s sources are firmly against this. Spelling influenced by French céramique (1806). Related: ceramist (1855). Ceramics is attested from 1857.
Any of various hard, brittle, heat- and corrosion-resistant materials made typically of metallic elements combined with oxygen or with carbon, nitrogen, or sulfur. Most ceramics are crystalline and are poor conductors of electricity, though some recently discovered copper-oxide ceramics are superconductors at low temperatures.


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  • Ceramic-engineering

    the branch of engineering concerned with the development and production of ceramics. noun the branch of engineering concerned with the development and production of ceramics for industrial use Examples In ceramic engineering, the products are always inorganic, nonmetallic solids.

  • Ceramic hob

    noun (on an electric cooker) a flat ceramic cooking surface having heating elements fitted on the underside, usually patterned to show the areas where heat is produced

  • Ceramic oxide

    noun a compound of oxygen with nonorganic material: recently discovered to act as a high-temperature superconductor

  • Ceramic pin grid array

    hardware, processor (CPGA) A form of Pin Grid Array package used by Cyrix III processors. Compare PPGA and FC-PGA. [Other uses?] (2000-08-26)

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