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a person who makes ceramics.
a technician in a dental laboratory who makes dentures from porcelain.
Contemporary Examples

Historical Examples


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  • Cerargyrite

    a very soft mineral, silver chloride, AgCl, used as an ore of silver; horn silver. Historical Examples noun another name for chloroargyrite

  • Cerastes

    any of several small vipers of the genus Cerastes, including the horned viper, that have a sideways looping motion like that of a sidewinder and inhabit deserts of northern Africa and southwestern Asia. Historical Examples noun (pl) -tes any venomous snake of the genus Cerastes, esp the horned viper

  • Cerastium

    any of various low-growing plants of the genus Cerastium, having leaves covered with whitish or grayish down and small white flowers, and including mouse-ear chickweed and snow-in-summer. Historical Examples

  • Cerat-

    a combining form meaning “horn,” “cornea,” used in the formation of compound words: ceratodus. cerat- pref. Variant of kerato-.

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