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Ceratophyllus Cer·a·to·phyl·lus (sěr’ə-tō-fĭl’əs, -tŏf’ə-ləs)
A genus of fleas found in temperate climates, including species parasitic to birds and small mammals.
Historical Examples


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    any of several four-footed, herbivorous dinosaurs of the suborder Ceratopsia, of the late Cretaceous Period, having an enlarged skull with a beak, a large perforated frill at the back, and, in some species, one or three horns. ceratopsian (sěr’ə-tŏp’sē-ən) Any of various dinosaurs of the group Ceratopsia of the late Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods. Ceratopsians […]

  • Ceratopsid

    noun, adjective any dinosaur of the family Ceratopsidae, which includes the triceratops, having skull frills and massive horns Word Origin 1902

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