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Cerebral amyloid angiopathy

cerebral amyloid angiopathy n.
A pathological condition of small cerebral vessels characterized by deposits of amyloid in the vessel walls which may lead to infarcts or hemorrhage.


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  • Cerebral anesthesia

    cerebral anesthesia n. Loss of sensation due to a lesion in the cerebrum.

  • Cerebral aqueduct

    cerebral aqueduct n. A short canal in the cerebrum, lined with ependymal cells and leading downward through the mesencephalon from the third to the fourth ventricle. Also called sylvian aqueduct.

  • Cerebral artery

    cerebral artery n. An artery that is one of two terminal branches of the internal carotid artery, divided into two parts and supplying the branches to the thalamus and corpus striatum and to the cortex of the medial parts of the frontal and parietal lobes. An artery that is one of two terminal branches of […]

  • Cerebral calculus

    cerebral calculus n. See encephalolith.

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