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either of the rounded halves of the cerebrum of the brain, divided laterally by a deep fissure and connected at the bottom by the corpus callosum.
either half of the cerebrum

cerebral hemisphere n.
Either of the two symmetrical halves of the cerebrum, as divided by the longitudinal cerebral fissure.
cerebral hemisphere
Either of the two symmetrical halves of the cerebrum, designated right and left. In mammals, the cerebral hemispheres are connected by the corpus callosum, a transverse band of nerve fibers.


Read Also:

  • Cerebral-hemorrhage

    hemorrhage from a blood vessel into the cerebrum, often followed by neurologic damage; a type of stroke. cerebral hemorrhage n. Bleeding into the substance of the cerebrum, usually in the internal capsule. Also called encephalorrhagia, hematencephalon.

  • Cerebral hernia

    cerebral hernia n. Protrusion of brain substance through a defect in the skull.

  • Cerebral lipidosis

    cerebral lipidosis n. See cerebral sphingolipidosis.

  • Cerebral localization

    cerebral localization n. The mapping of the cerebral cortex into areas, and the correlation of these areas with cerebral function. The diagnosis of the location in the cerebrum of a brain lesion, made either from the signs and symptoms manifested by the patient or from an electroencephalogram. Historical Examples

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