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cerebrotomy cer·e·brot·o·my (sěr’ə-brŏt’ə-mē)
Incision of the brain substance.


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  • Cerebrotonia

    noun a personality type characterized by restraint, alertness, and an intellectual approach to life: said to be correlated with an ectomorph body type Compare somatotonia, viscerotonia

  • Cerebrovascular

    of, relating to, or affecting the cerebrum and its associated blood vessels. adjective of or relating to the blood vessels and the blood supply of the brain adj. 1935, from cerebro-, comb. form of Latin cerebrum (see cerebral) + vascular. cerebrovascular cer·e·bro·vas·cu·lar (sěr’ə-brō-vās’kyə-lər, sə-rē’brō-) adj. Relating to the blood supply to the brain, particularly with […]

  • Cerebrovascular-accident

    stroke1 (def 6). Abbreviation: CVA. noun a sudden interruption of the blood supply to the brain caused by rupture of an artery in the brain (cerebral haemorrhage) or the blocking of a blood vessel, as by a clot of blood (cerebral occlusion) See apoplexy, stroke (sense 4) cerebrovascular accident n. See stroke. cerebrovascular accident (sěr’ə-brō-vās’kyə-lər, […]

  • Cerecloth

    cloth coated or impregnated with wax so as to be waterproof, formerly used for wrapping the dead, for bandages, etc. a piece of such cloth. Historical Examples noun waxed waterproof cloth of a kind formerly used as a shroud

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