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carefully observant of ; formally or elaborately polite:
He greeted his rival with a ceremonious display of friendship.
pertaining to, marked by, or consisting of ; formal:
a ceremonious reception.
Historical Examples

You are cold and ceremonious; what, in colloquial language, we should call short.
Albert Savarus Honore de Balzac

He was ushered into the ceremonious, barely-furnished, best room.
Mountain Blood Joseph Hergesheimer

Something he wanted in life had been refused him point-blank; in ceremonious terms, but with uncompromising plainness.
Angelot Eleanor Price

Ole had been very modest and ceremonious with Lisbeth as he bade her good-by.
Lisbeth Longfrock Hans Aanrud

Numberless and numbered droskies were darting through the streets, carrying gayly dressed officers making their ceremonious calls.
Overland through Asia; Pictures of Siberian, Chinese, and Tartar Life Thomas Wallace Knox

The queens, stately and ceremonious, were softened and could not restrain their laughter.
Ten Years Later Alexandre Dumas, Pere

ceremonious etiquette and detail duties were punctiliously observed.
Mexico Susan Hale

The note was not a long one, nor was it encumbered by any ceremonious phraseology.
Henry Dunbar M. E. Braddon

The roasted leg or the saddle are the only forms of mutton permissible to serve at a ceremonious dinner.
The Century Cook Book Mary Ronald

Finally, she bowed in a manner sufficiently distant and ceremonious.
Aunt Rachel David Christie Murray

especially or excessively polite or formal
observing ceremony; involving formalities

1550s, from Middle French cérémonieux or directly from Late Latin caerimoniosus, from Latin caerimonia (see ceremony). Meaning “full of show and ceremony” is from 1610s. Related: Ceremoniously; ceremoniousness.


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